Hooded Clothing


Hooded Clothing designers of modest fashion for the modest yet fashionable lady.

Modest fashion is about layering, we Muslimahs, the covered woman and modest clothes lady are constantly layering, layering to cover the arms, legs, neck anything that is sheer. Naturally all that layering can be uncomfortable and doesn't always work as an outfit combo. Soooo much for us to consider when choosing outfits, people just don't get our struggles.

But we do....So Hooded created the Sleeveit, which is a long sleeved crop top in various fabrics, styles and colours. Wear it with high waisted trousers, wear it with your abayah, wear it to work, wear it with your casual outfit, wear it with your partywear outfit wear it with anything sleeveless and feel absolutely amazing because you can breatheeee! and look fabulous! Make it you modest wardrobe staple 

I hope the description will help you understand the concept, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact!

Enjoy shopping! Thank you for giving us your time!

Hooded Clothing